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Free Meals/Care Packages For Anyone In Need 

(currently serving Los Angeles County)

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. Homeless populations more than ever need hand sanitizer, as the closing of many public spaces has left them with no way to wash their hands. Elderly and immune-compromised individuals are at-risk when leaving their homes. Many others are financially burdened and our free meals and the snacks provided in our care packages are enough to get them through the day.


By hand-delivering these care packages directly to homeless people left behind on the streets, we prevent them from needing to make another trip to crowded homeless shelters or food banks where they are at risk of contracting, suffering from, and further spreading COVID-19. Similarly, our deliveries to other at-risk or in-need populations who still have housing allow these individuals to safely remain in their homes, reducing any extra trips outside which could put them at risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. 


So why the name 3.50CARES? We provide free care packages, including a full meal (main course, side dish, and salad), snacks (fruit and crackers), hand sanitizer, and sanitary pads (for women) to those in need, and each care package (including all other materials such as bags, containers, forks, and napkins) costs us only $3.50 to produce. So, literally, it only costs $3.50 to care. If this is all it takes to help a person in need combat both hunger and coronavirus, then imagine how big the impact would be if we all came together... 


Though 3.50CARES started during the COVID-19 pandemic, our mission transcends the current crisis. There will always be people in need and we will continue our work, providing society’s most vulnerable and in need populations with meals and basic necessities. We hope to inspire others in similarly blessed positions to do the same. Let’s spread care!

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  • Home-cooked meal - main course, side dish, and salad (our meal varies weekly)

  • Snacks - fruit and crackers

  • Hand sanitizer (if homeless/no access to running water) or bar of soap (if not homeless)

  • Sanitary pads (for women)

  • Vitamin C packet

  • Napkin and eating utensils

We deliver our packages under sanitary conditions, donning gloves and masks and making sure to practice 6 ft social distancing guidelines whenever interacting with those we help.

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