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Spreading CARE

Our main mission is to spread CARE. We deliver anyone in need a free healthy meal and sanitary care package. Each meal and care package combination costs us only $3.50 to produce. Our goal is to inspire others blessed with financial and social resources to give back to in-need populations in their own communities. We have found that $3.50 is all it takes to provide a person in need with a healthy meal and care package... How can YOU help those around you? Let's spread CARE!


We provide healthy, homemade smoothies to healthcare workers fighting on the front line against coronavirus. Our aim is to serve hundreds of healthcare workers in emergency departments and intensive care units at Southern California hospitals. Healthcare workers are everyday heroes, and our support for them will continue beyond the Covid-19 era.


Smoothies for Saviors

Citrus fights COVID

This project brings the whole community together! We request that community members who have orange, lemon, or grapefruit trees donate the immune-boosting fruit to us so that we can distribute it to those most in need. Everyone deserves a fighting chance against coronavirus and a single vitamin-C-rich fruit can make all the difference! Gloves and masks are important but a healthy immune system is the body’s primary defense mechanism against coronavirus. All citrus fruits either go directly to in-need populations, or are used to make immune-boosting smoothies for our Smoothies for Saviors project.


Let's not forget about senior citizens who are home alone and in need of emotional support. We provide check-in phone calls to seniors to brighten their day and help them get through these most difficult times of social isolation.

Support for Seniors

Our Partners

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